Chairman Message

"When I look at the sheer size and diversity of the Real Estate market that has taken over the world by storm to settle in the U.A.E, it's amazing how it has established itself as an important element in the growth of the economy. 

The change in the region is highly impressive and we are proud to contribute to this change by carving out a niche for ourselves by adopting the highest standards of innovation and technology equaling the best in the world. 

Plus Properties has made its mark in Real Estate development in such a short period of time and it is an honor to be among the players in such a leading part in the Real Estate world market. 

All our offerings are incorporated into building dreams, creating lifestyles that one would long for. A development is more than just steel and concrete, it goes deeper beyond. It's a vision in your mind that we bring to life, it's about human value, and we add human value to all our developments. 

We are one of the fastest growing Real Estate and Development companies in the region with a rock solid foundation and endless possibilities ahead of us. Our pioneering spirit will take us forward in achieving our stakeholders' vision."

Georges Chehwane